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2 Piece Suit                 £13.95

3 Piece Suit                 £17.95

Dress Suit                    £17.95

Linen Suit                     £17.95

Trousers                from£7.95

Jacket                    from£9.90

Waistcoat            from £5.95

Skirt                      from£5.95

Coat                     from £13.95

Day dress             from£9.49

Silk dress.            from £12.95

Evening dress     from£13.95

Blouse                   from£5.49

Jumper                  from£5.95

Cardigan              from £5.95

Shirt (Dry Clean)         £3.95

Scarf                     from £4.95

Tie                          from £4.75

Top                         from£5.95



Shirt                                    £2.75

Shirt (press only)              £1.95

Duvet (Single)        from£15.95

Duvet (Double)    from £17.95

Duvet (King).         from£19.95

Duvet Cover (Single)      £4.95

Duvet Cover (Double)    £5.95

Duvet Cover (King)         £6.95

Flat Sheet (Single)           £4.49

Flat Sheet (Double).        £5.45

Flat Sheet (King)              £6.95

Pillow                         from £6.99

Pillow Case                         £2.10

Blanket (Single)         from£11.99

Blanket (Double)     from£13.99

Blanket (King)          from£15.99


Shorten Trousers            from £11.95

Jean Waist                      from £18.95

Taper Jean                      from £17.95

Trousers Lengthen         from £12.95

Trousers Waist-In/out  from£14.95

Full Pocket                    from £17.00

Half Pocket                     from £8.95

Reline                            from £00.00

Trousers Re-Hem          from £3.50

Jean Zip                          from £14.95

Trousers Zip                    from£13.95

Dress Shorten               from £16.00

Dress Hem                       from£8.00

Dress Reduce Side Seam      £16.00

Dress Lengthen False Hem  £16.00

Dress Zip                         from £15.99

Dress Invisible Zip.        from £17.95

Skirt Zip                           from£11.95

Skirt Invisible Zip             from£12.99

Jacket shorten sleeves from£24.95

Shorten Jacket+Vent.  from£28.95

Shorten Coat                 from£29.95

Shorten Coat+Vent     from£39.95

Jacket Half Packet          from£13.95

Jacket Full Packet          from£18.95

Elbow Patches                from£17.95


Bath Towel                           £4.75

Hand Towel                          £2.20

Tablecloth (Small)               £7.45

Tablecloth (Large)              £10.45

Curtain (No Lined) £5.95 per m²

Curtain (Lined)        £6.95 per m²

Curtain (Velvet)      £8.95 per m²

Curtain (Blanket)    £9.95 per m²

Arm Cover/Caps                 £3.95

Cushion Cover                     £4.49

Chair Cover (Plain)             £7.95

Chair Cover (Pleated)        £9.75

Settee Cover (Plain)          £16.50

Settee Cover (Pleated)    £18.50

Rugs from                           £18.00

Persian Rugs            from£00.00

Car Seat Cover                    £5.50

Indian Rugs from               £00.0

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